The Analytical & Molecular Skills Development Lab

  • The Analytical & Molecular Skills Development Lab (AMSDL) is located at Forsyth Tech, Innovation Quarter, 525 Vine Street, Winston - Salem, NC 27101.

    The AMSDL offers onsite equipment rentals, wet lab space, and education for researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can use the lab space and equipment to develop and test their products while researchers can get the preliminary data necessary for a potential grant. Education can include both classroom instruction and on equipment, or on standard operating procedures prior to equipment rental.

    For further information on the rental use of the laboratory or education courses please contact:  Jason Gagliano, AMSDL Coordinator

  • AMSD Lab Equipment includes: High/Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
    Gas Chromatography
    Gas/Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry SQD/TQD
    Quantitative Time of Flight (qTOF)
    Bioanalyzer: microchip electrophoresis and flow cytometry
    Real-Time PCR
    Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
    NextGeneration DNA Sequencer
    Qubit Fluorimeter