News & Events 2023

June 2023

20th World Stem Cell Summit in conjunction with the 10th Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course
June 26-27, Washington DC
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InnovATEBIO Announces Envisioning the Next Bioscience Workforce: A National Summit of Industry, Academic, and Government Leaders
June 5-9, Winston-Salem NC
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May 2023

NCBW Wins NSF ATE Grant for BETA Professional Development
The National Center for the Biotechnology Workforce (NCBW) received a $79,738 supplement to its NSF ATE BETA Skills Grant to provide professional development for community college deans and senior administrators who wish to better understand the converging biosciences in Biomedical Emerging Technology Applications (BETA). The program, BETA Skills Professional Development for Community College Administrators, will be offered in 2024.
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SciTech Lecture Series

  • SciTech Interview with Jennifer Coulombe

    March 2023

    As V.P. of Industry Partnerships and Continuous Innovation at Forsyth Tech, Jennifer discusses how Forsyth Tech’s culture of continuous improvement benefits students and industry.
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  • SciTech Interview with Sean Killebrew

    March 2023

    As a military veteran, and graduate of Forsyth Tech’s Broadcasting Production Technologies Program, Sean discusses how working at the CTLE influenced his career.
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  • SciTech Interview with Dr. Steven R. Bauer

    February 2023

    Russ Read and Sean Killebrew talk with Dr. Steven R. Bauer, who recently joined REMDO and WFIRM after 31 years as an FDA official, most recently as the Chief of its Cellular and Tissue Therapy Branch (CTTB).
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  • SciTech Interview with Dr. Dr. J. Donald deBethizy

    January 2023

    Dr. J. Donald deBethizy discusses his experiences with biotech in North Carolina and his current role as a Board Director at Argent in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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